This is an example of piano restoration that we can do at Dunkley Music.  Take a look at the pictures of this Brambach Grand Piano that was completely refinished and restored.  They are pretty dramatic before and after pictures of it.

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This Brambach Grand Piano is a nice French Provincial carved baby grand piano built by the Brambach Piano Company of New York. Brambach built pianos from about 1900-1957, and they were affiliated with the famous Kohler & Campbell Piano Company. This piano is made of real French walnut wood, and has been completely restored and refinished to like new condition. The least expensive, cheaply made new French Provincial baby grand pianos will cost you at least $10,000…this restored Brambach will be a much better instrument than one of those poor quality new pianos. This piano still has it’s original ivory keys which were restored rather than replaced. The tone of this piano is amazing for its size…everyone who hears it is impressed!