We received this email and wanted to pass it along to our customers:


I would like to bring to your attention the story of an amazing young boy and ask that you share this with everyone you know…

Kuha’o Case is truly inspiring! He was born premature at 27 weeks, weighing only 2 lbs, 2 oz, and was struck with an infection that called for an extensive surgery and led to his blindness at the age of 2 months old. He was not expected to live and he beat all odds! Today at the young age of 15 years old, Hawaiian-born Kuha’o Case, is only three years into his own journey of personal discovery, and is already an unarguable musical prodigy. After discovering that he had a special connection with the piano, Kuha’o taught himself to play both the piano and the organ (he received formal lessons for about a 6 week period, but was teaching his instructor more than he was learning, so other than that he is completely self-taught). As if that’s not enough, Kuha’o has the remarkable ability to listen to any song, only once or twice, and play back his own beautiful arrangement of that song, he has perfect pitch, and he is the happiest boy you will ever meet! Translated from Hawaiian, Kuha’o means ‘extraordinary,’ and his middle name, Makana, means ‘gift’. He truly both posseses and is an ‘extraordinary gift’. In his short fifteen years, Kuha’o has already lived up to his own name. Anyone who has the privilege of hearing him play the piano is significantly moved by the magnitude of his gift. He needs to share it with the world!
On Thursday, July 12 at 7pm at the USU Kent Concert Hall there will be a FREE CONCERT featuring Kuha’o Case. Everyone is invited. He would love nothing more than to know that the entire hall was filled with supportive fans!

Many great things that are lining up for Kuha’o here in Utah. He will be participating in the USU Youth Conservatory Summer Piano Clinic. It has also been arranged for him to receive lessons from Dr. Lynn Thomas as well as from Richard Elliot, Mormon Tabernacle Choir organist. He will also be performing a 20 minute opening set for Landau Eugene Murphy Jr (season 6 winner of America’s Got Talent) on Saturday, July 21 at the Ogden Amphitheater.

This sweet boy has a dream of touching people’s lives with his music, and we have no doubt that he will. Actually he already has, but he wants to touch more and more lives! How neat would it be to have even a small part in helping make his dream come true. Kuha’o gave a talk at a church event back in April entitled “Dare to Dream” and it truly left me and my husband inspired to help him succeed. My husband has started a funding project for Kuha’o on a website called kickstarter.com. We are working to raise funds so Kuha’o can own his own piano (He doesn’t even own his own piano! He practices on the weekends at his grandparent’s home) and produce his first CD. We only have 11 days left to raise a total of $30,000 for this. Already we have raised over $10,000 and if we don’t collect the rest of it by July 21, then we don’t receive any of the funds (that’s how this fundraising platform works). It’s all or nothing. You can find out more about this project and see videos of him playing the piano by going to kuhaosdream.com and clicking on the links.

With you connections in the piano world, we ask that you share Kuha’o’s story and his free concert to everyone you know! Attached to this email is a flier. Please spread the word! Any help you can give would be so wonderful and very much appreciated! Our time is very limited on this, so we really hope you can help in some way. I hope we see you all at the concert on Thursday!

Thank you SO much!

Monica Thunell