I have no place to put my piano!…. Consider storing your piano with Dunkley Music.

We offer climate controlled piano storage for either short-term or long-term time periods.  We also offer piano moving services.  Perhaps you are moving and remodeling your home and need a place to store the piano for a month or two.  Perhaps you are temporarily relocating to a smaller location and need to store your piano for over a year.  Dunkley Music offers many different options for piano storage.


What is the proper way to store a piano?

Warping and damage to hardwoods can happen if your piano is stored incorrectly.  Extreme changes in humidity and temperature under the high string tension can cause cracked pinblocks and soundboards, warped and split hardwoods, and so forth.  Pianos should be stored as far away as possible from heat and air conditioning vents, windows, radiators, fireplaces, outside walls, and any other heat or water sources.

In Utah, we do not need to worry as much about humidity fluctuations but it is still important to keep your piano stored in a temperature controlled setting.  Also keep your piano away from direct sunlight as it may cause sun-bleaching or fading and any potential water source such as from windows, dripping from pipes, ceilings, kitchens, etc.


And don’t forget about the mice!

Mice love pianos and they love to make their winter home nestled in the warm felts.  If a piano is stored in a storage unit with access for mice, consider mouse traps at all the potential openings on the piano.  Mice just love to crawl in and chew off the felt on the hammers.  Makes for hard playing when you remove that piano from storage and some little critter has eaten all the felts off.  So pay particular attention to the location of your stored piano and if anything can potentially make their way into it for their winter condo living.


Dunkley Music Piano Storage

So call Dunkley Music for all your piano moving and piano storing needs.  We offer both short-term and long-term piano storage and piano moving services.  All pianos are stored in climate-controlled areas that are protected from piano-damaging sources.  Call or email us today to inquire about availability and rates.

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Email:  service@dunkleymusicpianos.com


** Inquire about our discounts on moving, repairs, refinishing, and restoration for our piano storage customers.  **